About Us

Parahita Kampung Ubud


Beginning with a sense of wanting to share with others, that’s where Parahita formed. Parahita in Sanskrit means welfare for everyone, we believe that sharing with others will never lack anything.

In Parahita is where a place to grow and develop occurs, we want to create a community where, all people with special needs out there become independent and never stop dreaming, let’s grow with Parahita.

At the moment we already have 32 members who joining Parahita Community, some of them already independent and support Parahita Kampung Ubud for their business.

They really have a high spirit of learning and be independent, they want people do not see their disabilities but see their abilities, some people think they can’t do anything and they will prove it at Parahita Kampung Ubud.

They will do a live music performance and make beautiful paintings, you will be amazed by seeing their creativity and abilities, they are so talented.

Look at these incredible people! It is amazing that they face their life full of courage!

They don’t want your mercy, but your support for them to grows and develops their self into an independent and creative person.


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There are two options for the rooms:

  • Double Bed Room
  • Twin Bed Room

Each room is fully equipt with queen size bed, private bathroom, closet, mini drawer, mini fridge, hot and cold water, air conditioner, and tv cable.

Parahita healthy restaurant will pamper your tastebud with creative raw and vegan foods and desserts, while Parahita bar always ready to freshen up your day with various healthy juices.

Get the best deal for the finest quality of spa treatment to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. Our trained and experienced therapists are trained to provide you with a unique Balinese experience and relaxation.

Airport transfer is exclusion from the room rate. We are happy to help you arrange your transportation, either pick up or drop off. We are ready to help you at any time you need.

Daily yoga class with talented teachers provided from Monday to Friday.